Agriculture is becoming hot, a gold mine for the Albanian economy. The figures are crystal clear. Vegetable production last year grew by 8.4%, according to statistics published by the Institute of Statistics. Albanian agriculture is experiencing a revival, with total agricultural products reaching record highs, farmland increase, sector employment growth, and new enterprises booming.

According to the recent data, field crops production is mainly influenced by as vegetables, cereals and potatoes. Vegetable production in 2015 was 1,030,000 tons, increased by 8.4 % compared with the previous year and increased by 11.5 % compared with 2 years ago. Most of the production comes from Fier’s area, which produced about 35% of total.

Potatoes production in 2015 was 245,000 tons, increased by 2.1 % compared with the previous year. The highest level of potatoes production was achieved in the prefectures of Korca with 65,439 tons, followed by Fier with 33,273 tons and Elbasan with 32,457 tons.

Number of trees on permanent crops has increased in 2015 compared with the year 2014. Specificaly, the fruit trees increased with 1.2 %, olives 2.57 %, citrus 6.83 %, pergola 0.6 % and vineyards area with 0.5 %.

Citrus production in 2015 was 30,000 tons, with an increase of 42,8 % compared with the previous year. The highest level of citrus production was achieved in the prefecture of Vlora with 15,668 tons.

During the year 2015, livestock productions didn’t have significant changes compared with the year 2014. In annual terms, total milk production in 2015 decreased by 0.2 %, total meat live weight production increased by 1.9 % and the eggs production decreased by 0.6 % compared with the year 2014.

The vegetables have given an impetus to the export figures, almost doubling in value against other products. According to official data of the Ministry of Agriculture, the value of agricultural products is recorded to ALL 10.5 billion (10 million USD), compared with ALL 8.1 billion (8 million USD) in 2014.

With over 57.000 tons earmarked for export in 2015 compared to 34.000 in 2014, Albanian tomatoes continue to increase their role as the Ambassador of Made in Albania products and of the excellence of quality around the world. The statistics show that the agriculture sector has contributed in the Albanian economy by 4 billion ALL during 2015, declared the Minister Panariti at a press conference.

Rich farmland, warm weather, mild climate and fertile soil make Albania an ideal source of natural production. The agriculture sector is undergoing a rapid positive evolution./