Whenever summer comes, we are told to get protection and be careful from sunburn. Of course we understand the importance of sunscreen, but no matter how diligent we are with reapplying, in the end we get up with too much sun. So you’re on the way home from the beach and one look in the rearview mirror tells you that you’re in trouble. The sunburn is painful and unpleasant. As soon as you realize your skin is a little too red, take an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pill like ibuprofen or aspirin. This can help stop inflammation and redness from getting any worse and ease pain.

The second step is getting a shower or a bath with cool water to soothe skin and remove any chlorine, salt water or sand that may be lingering and causing more irritation. If you have a bath, add a cup of whole oats to the cool bath water for extra calming power. With all forms of bathing, keep the water cool and don't linger longer than 15-20 minutes or you'll risk drying out your skin. Always pat dry, do not rub.

The third step is to moisturize the skin with creams rich in aloe, glycerin or hyaluronic. Keep your moisturizers in the fridge for an extra refreshing treat. Take an aloe vera plant and squeeze some of the gel out of the leaves onto your burn. Rub the gel in gently. It causes your blood vessels to constrict, soothing a painful burn.

Use DIY compresses. Try using a cool compress soaked in skim milk, egg whites or green tea. The proteins in milk and egg whites coat and calm the burn while green tea reduces inflammation.

For extra relief, add a dash of baking soda or apple vinegar to the water you're soaking the cloth in, and hold gently on your burn.

Eat plenty of fruits and drink water. Not only does the sun take away the moisture from your skin, it also dehydrates the rest of your body as well, which is why you may also feel extra tired after a long day in the sun. Counteract the sun’s damage by drinking lots of water and eating water filled fruit like watermelon, honeydew melon, cantaloupe, or grapes.

Use potatoes. Take 1-2 small potatoes and blend them until they are in liquid form. If necessary, add some water. Once they're completely blended, pat your burn with the mixture and allow to dry.

Take a cool shower to rinse the potatoes off your skin.

Vitamins. Use capsules of Vitamin E and apply the vitamin directly to your burn to encourage the healing process. It works.

Use yoghurt. Apply cold yogurt on your burn for 10 minutes to help your sunburned skin heal. Pick up a cold plain yogurt, which contains a lot of probiotics that will help restore your skin's natural barrier, and spread a thin layer over your sunburn. Rinse in cool water after five minutes.

The last advice is for you to avoid strong and direct sunlight from 11.00 until 16:00 and use a high factor sunscreen. The sun is stronger but you can be smarter.