Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Waters Administration, Edmond Panariti, unveiled on Wednesday the platform on agricultural stock market, defining balanced pricing on the basis of auctions.

During a meeting in Tirana with the participation of experts, minister Panariti said time is ripe to take a tough stand on the flaws in relations between producers of agricultural sector.

“ Although our economy is based on free market, we should bar the way of speculators “, Minister of Agriculture said while pointing out that for the first time the Ministry of Agriculture is unveiling the platform on agricultural stock market in a bid to curb abuse with farmers.

This platform has been designed to protect the consumer as well fix the price for producers and collectors, “Panariti said.

Establishment of the first agricultural stock market will be a major step toward a radical transformation of Albanian agriculture and a pioneering development on Albanian financial market, which matches the boom in agriculture.

The agricultural stock market comes to the aid of farmers orienting them towards the prices of sale, purchase and experts with view to barring the way of speculators.