The Ministry of Agriculture has launched preparations and it is working to determine the basic criteria of the sectors to be financially supported during the year 2017.

Another important milestone under consideration, it is also the amount of financial benefit to be distributed from the program of funding the agriculture and rural development for 2017.

This year the Ministry of Agriculture of Albania plans to increase funding schemes for farmers, supporting no less than 13 thousand farmers through the government financing schemes.

The State Budget funds of 2017 addressed to financially support farmers, aim at introducing new technologies, introduction of new heating systems for greenhouses, maintenance of cold storage, etc.

At the same time, significant funds for investment will be designated not only towards the agriculture growth, but also in the fisheries sector, targeting the conservation of natural resources and control of fishing practices.

The agriculture budget for 2017 amounts to more than 10 Billion Albanian Lek.

This budget structure is divided into eight different budget programs, the most important and top priority include subventions, irrigation and drainage infrastructure, food security, rural development, agro-industry and fisheries management./