Vitamin C has been known to stimulate both the function and production of white blood cells (Leukocyte) which are part of our immune system. In particular, Neutrophil which destroys disease-causing agents, such as viruses or bacteria. Now known and commonly referred to as the Kiwi Fruit (Actinidia deliciosa), or Kiwi which was renamed in New Zealand after the native national symbol the "Kiwi Bird". This fruit has become a national source of export to the consumer with its high nutrient supplement and low-calorie intake.

Recently Kiwi has been cultivated in Albania. Although in Albania it was completely unknown as a fruits, truth is that some trees of kiwis have been planted during the ’70 in the experimental garden of the Research Agricultural Institute in Lushnja.

What are the health benefits of Vitamin C
Vitamin C increases serum levels of antibodies, which is a specialised protein produced by white blood cells. As serum is a prevention of blood clotting, eating 2 kiwi fruits a day will provide you with (259/mg a day of vitamin c). Hence this will reduce blood pressure, heart disease, various forms of cancer, healthy skin texture and tone. We also need as human beings to increase the levels of whole blood without blood cells (plasma), obtaining the clotting factor, assisting the blood to cleanse and rejuvenate our heart and arteries. The kiwi fruit has one of the highest intake of vitamin C within a fruit.

The benefits of Potassium
Each fruit is rich in potassium, an electrolyte, and essential dietary mineral. A small number of enzymes require potassium to be present for their activity to function correctly. To maintain the regulation of the chemistry of organisms and cells, it is vitally important and required in our bodies to have Enzymes.
To prevent chronic diseases, taking a regular and regulated level of potassium will help prevent the following illnesses of our modern times.

• Osteoporosis
• Stroke
• High blood pressure
• Kidney Stones

The benefits of copper

Sourcing adequate copper in our foods is necessary for red blood cells formation and Iron intake. Iron supports the transport of oxygen, biological functions, and energy production. The most common deficiency worldwide is Iron, causing anaemia; a clinical sign of copper deficiency, which affects primary children, a woman of childbearing age, and those with a heavy menstrual cycle.

The richest source of copper is through our diet and food supplements, kiwi fruit has a high percentage of copper within the daily guidance required to maintain a good level of copper within our endocrine system. What other benefits can you receive by eating kiwi fruit daily?

Having a good diet, healthy start to the day and absorbing the kiwi fruit will help regulate:
1. A good nights sleep
2. Increase collagen in the skin
3. Reduce the risk of heart disease
4. Balance and regulate your bowels
5. Cleanse your liver
6. Restore you inner and outer energy field leaving you feeling refreshed, vibrant and full of life.

There are many ways you can eat or drink the kiwi fruit through juices, smoothies, salads and on its own. /