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by AgroWeb on May 22, 2017

Prolong Your Fruit and Veg Life and Avoid Risks

We all know that one bad apple spoils the whole barrel. But did you know that even a good apple as it ripens will ruin a watermelon stored next to it? It is just one example of how certain types of fruit or vegetable can make others go off too ...

by AgroWeb on May 22, 2017

Why You Should Lock your Kitchen after Dinner

Kitchen and refrigerator are places where our cravings are satisfied. Food is a vital part of human life. We get calories and burning those supplies us with energy. You can visit your kitchen during daytime for some 5-6 small chunks of meal, but it ...

by AgroWeb on May 22, 2017

Kosova Flija Represents Albanian Cuisine in Food Fest

FlijaFest will start on May 21 at the Göktürk Picnic Area in Bayrampaşa district of Istanbul. This festival is where one of the most distinctive foods of Kosovo cuisine, flija, is prepared in a four-hour process and presented. Flija, a ...