During the period 2012-2016, the exports towards EU countries have made up 76,6 % of the total.

Referring to the report of Statistics Institute (INSTAT) for the period 2012-2016, exports to the countries of CEFTA (Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Moldova) make up 12,4 % of exports.

The main trading partner of Albania in exports has been Italy. Over the span of 5 years, Albanian exports to Italy make up 51,0 % of the total, followed by Kosovo at 7,5 %, Spain 6,8 %, Greece 3,9 %, etc.

Meanwhile, imports from EU countries make up 62,7 % of the total and imports from CEFTA countries 7,3 % of the total.

Albania’s major partner in imports is Italy. During a span of five years, Italy constituted 30,8 % of the total, followed by Greece 8,7 %, China 7,5 %, Turkey 7,0 %, etc. Source: ATA