For many years, the ProCredit Bank’s staff has engaged in a voluntary basis to clean certain areas of Albania from waste. This year, ProCredit Bank chose Lalzit Bay as one of the most popular touristic areas during the summer season.

All participants in the clean-up activity provided a contribution to cleanse the environment from the accumulated waste and delivered a positive example to the community and holiday makers by promoting a responsible civic approach and raise awareness on the protection of environment.

Protecting the environment and guaranteeing an active contribution to the country’s economic development based on the social and environmental responsibility, is a key component to the ProCredit Group mission.

ProCredit Bank Albania, part of ProCredit Group pays great attention to the protection of environment. It delivers a generous contribution to reducing the impact of climate change, in the framework of the Bank’s social responsibility. ProCredit Bank in all of its operations is keen to continuously reduce its impact and that of its customers to the environment.

ProCredit Bank also aims to further its contribution in raising awareness among its employees, clients and the public opinion on environmental issues, by implementing sustainable and continuous measures. Furthermore,

ProCredit Bank reconfirmed its commitment to set up and implement a full system for environmental management, through the ISO 14001:2015 International standards certification.

ProCredit Bank’s environmental approach is continuously promoted not only as part of the Bank’s ongoing initiatives but also by the Bank’s employees who are keen to be active members of the society and play a greater role rather than simply being part of a banking institution.


*The above article is published in the framework of SmartCapital program for the growth of the Albanian agriculture and economy.