A love’s journey begins through the stomach. Once there, it awakens the sense of taste. This is not a matter of hunger. It goes beyond that. It inspires a sense of pleasure that can’t seem to fade away.

The Italian film director Federico Fellini once said that life is a combination of magic and pasta, underlining that the magic of pasta makes the latter one of the most favorite foods in the world and in Albanian cuisine.

Pasta is a piece of art. It requires a delicate combination of the simplest things you can find in the kitchen: flour, salt and eggs. Fellini’s magic reveals that chemistry of pasta’s ingredients is indeed the key to a delicious awakening of senses.

If you really want to indulge in such a dish that combines taste and magic, then fresh pasta or homemade one is what you need.

Soft, short, long, thick, tubes, rigged or frilled, pastas are all a magnet of taste which no one can seem to resist. They are prepared with love and care. Their final cut requires a delicate touch which makes pasta richer in values and in taste.

Freshness cannot be sealed in a box

When it comes to the values of fresh and boxed pastas, there is a huge difference. Food experts at AgroWeb.org confirm that fresh pasta has numerous amounts of iron, magnesium, B vitamins and other important minerals. According to them, fresh pasta is a powerful tool for losing weight, due to the amount of fiber they have.

The quality of fresh pasta is closely linked to preparation and servings. Unlike boxed pasta, the fresh ones are richer in nutritional value. Irma XXX, a distinguished expert in the art of making pasta at the Eco Market chain of supermarkets in Albania, shares insights and her tips on the values of homemade pasta.

EcoMarket’s novelty involves delivering fresh pasta in Tirana. The chain of supermarkets has set up a special dedicated section for preparing fresh pasta for its customers.

“We are strictly royal to the recipe of fresh pasta. They are prepared with so much love. If you are willing to eat healthy, fresh pasta is the best remedy. They are easy to cook. It takes about two or three minutes and they are ready to be mixed with the sauce. You can choose basil tomato sauce or seasonal vegetables and your body will be able to absorb the best nutritional value. Fresh pasta has another distinction compared to the boxed one. They are easily digested,” Irma says.

Fresh pasta is rich in fiber which can feed your hunger but also help in easily releasing energy.

Carbohydrates (dietary fiber and sugars) are one of the healthiest pasta ingredients. They represent a real catalyst in terms of delivering energy to the body.

Carbohydrates account for 10% in fresh pasta while proteins account for 6%. Thus, homemade fresh pasta becomes a piece of art that enriches your dining table and time spent with friends and yourself./AgroWeb.org


*The above article is published in the framework of SmartCapital program for the growth of the Albanian agriculture and economy.