When it comes to the safety of our children, the desire to give them the healthiest food drives us in purchasing the best food brands. However, are we cautious enough in selecting these brands? Is the food we buy for our children safe? Are these products certified and guaranteed? Are they healthy? These are the questions that make you think twice every day you head to a supermarket to run your daily errands.

Every parent questions the quality of product he or she buys. Sometimes it’s the negligence, and the other time is the lack of knowledge and we are often prey to what we buy, without any consultation on the origin of the product, without reading the label on the content and quality and skipping the expiration date. All of this information makes a real difference on the safety of the products, their quality and impact on our health.

The quality of the product depends on its origin

The origins of the products sold in Albania always spark concern and question marks. There are plenty of products sold as being authentic which in most of the cases results to be fraud. We are drawn to the brand regardless of the shortcomings in quality. What is really going on?

The manager of Ecomarket supermarket chain, Erida Zere says that bringing to Albania the best popular and distinguished brands of healthy food for kids is challenging. This challenge requires seriousness and maximal care. According to Zere, the entrance of authentic healthy food to the Albanian market is very important.

“The authenticity of these products highlights their quality, safe and rich in nutritional value. This is of an outmost importance. We take care of our clients but also of the quality of products offered to them. For example, Plasmon brand baby food products are internationally recognized for their best quality and nutritional properties.

This is vital because we are talking about products dedicated to babies and children. In Albania you can find Plasmon brand products in many other stores but they differ due to their authenticity. Our supermarkets offer a broad spectrum of Plasmon baby food certified and authentic, shipped from Italy, their country of origin,” she said.

“We are talking about original certified products, the same ones distributed to Italian consumers or consumers in other European Union countries. We have managed to get this food products in our Ecomarket supermarket chain. Furthermore, internationally recognized brands such as Mellin baby food products. Wellknown brands like Aptamil and Hipp are available in our supermarkets as well,” she adds.

A repeated mistake! Never reading labels!

It happens all the time. We go to the supermarket shelves and grab the product that pleases the eye without paying any attention to the label or its contents. It is all about being cautious before buying a product. We need to pay particular attention, read the label well, the data, content and ingredient that can raise suspicions in regards to the quality, production country, expiration date etc.

Zere, the Ecomarket representative, underlines the importance of every parent being cautious in the products he or she buys in a store.

“We call on our clients to carry an act of faith on the quality of the product after reading the label.

There you will be able to find clear indices that show if the product is authentic, if it has nutritional properties or quality features. That is why we advise our clients to always read the labels of the products they buy,” she told AgroWeb.org


*The above article is published in the framework of SmartCapital program for the growth of the Albanian agriculture and economy.