Citizens of Tetovo have taken to the streets against the pollution caused by the factory, which helped rank Tetovo as the most polluted city in the world. Protests peaked in December while the steel factory was shut down until March 1st. “The life-lease of citizens for clean air has ended on March 1st. It is clear now that Jugohrom is a poisonous factory that polluted this city at a level of more than 41%, directly costing four victims monthly” - Vesel Qazimi, one of the Eco Guerrilla Movement in Macedonia told AgroWeb.

The “Mother and Child” Movement argued that the factory has not installed the expected filters which would prohibit the emission of up to 30 tons of dust particles in the Tetovo skies.

“We call on state officials to not allow the opening of this factory without meeting ecological standards first; otherwise they will bear the legal responsibilities for damages caused to the people. We, the mothers of Tetovo, want our children to grow in a cleaner environment, with schools and hospitals that have normal conditions, public transport and cleaner roads” the statement reads. During the protest under the slogan “Let’s exchange toys for filters” people of Tetovo collected the toys of their children and donated them to sick children hospitalized in Tetovo Clinic, who according to “Mother and Child” movement suffer due to air pollution./