by AgroWeb on October 31, 2016

Tap Water Price to Increase

Tap water prices are expected to increase. Water supply officials say that tap water in Albania is drinkable. It may sound absurd but our water use invoice forces every customer to pay a fee for tap water. The latest performance report published few days ago by the Regulatory Water Agency reveals that in terms of existing service fees and suggested tariffs, authorities can still push them to a ...

by AgroWeb on May 13, 2016

EBRD: Energy sector to boost Albania economically

EBRD has trimmed down the projection for growth for many countries, while maintained its projection for Albania's gross domestic product (GDP) growth at 3.3% in 2016 and projected a 3.5% expansion for 2017. EBRD sees the Albanian economy picking momentum, but that still will require an active fight against informality and reduction of non-performing loans which is critical for restoring credit ...

by AgroWeb on April 4, 2016

TAP and the economic boost to Albania

by AgroWeb on December 10, 2015

Albanian Tap Water Declared Safe

Is it safe to drink the tap water? It’s improper if you are a foreigner in Albania. It’s recommended if you are an Albanian. It might seem like we are talking nonsense, but just check your monthly Water Bill. It’s written: Potable water. Would you drink it? And here we go, raising a crucial question to the topic. Beyond the Albanian myths of the communism age, when Enver Hoxha ...

by AgroWeb on September 23, 2015

The Dilemma of Bottle Water

You probably have heard it as a joke from your parents, your next of kin or even have experienced yourself that time when Albanians use to decorate their furniture’s with plastic water bottles. The cola-cola bottle was the most highly praised one, competing strongly with the porcelain doll we all had in our small apartments of Albania before 1990. Plastic bottles were a thing at that time, ...

by AgroWeb on August 18, 2015

Albania’s energy market - a driver for investment

Famed for its “gold rush” on the rivers, and racked by managing problems Albania’s energy sector is up for a revival. One that goes from head to toe, sparing no expenses. 500 million Euros, is the investment that will be made for the upcoming 4 years in the energy sector. On the basis of energy recovery strategy in a bid to liberalize the energy market in the country and minimize...