Government of Albania will boost its support for the sector of agriculture via subsidies and schemes that will provide direct benefits to farmers. A 16 million USD subsidy scheme will take place this year to provide support to poor and small farmers, which according to Ministry of Agriculture are a priority for the government.

Large-scale farmers will be eligible for support via soft loans from the guarantee fund set up by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Ministry of Agriculture said that small farmers and receive about 1,200 Lek for their cattle (sheep and goat). In addition, the government will also pay 10 Lek per every liter of milk to farmers who own more than 10 cows.

Farmers will also get paid about 5,000 Lek for every cow. 2017 also marks the entering to force of a new subsidy scheme for farmers that grow vegetables and own greenhouse tunnels to help them expand their activity./