There are experts who believe that the acids in honey can decompose copper and iron and produce toxic salts and so generally metal spoons should not be used to avoid the change of honey taste or transfer of undesirable metallic substances.

However, this is surprising because most beekeepers' equipment is made of stainless steel, thus it very unlikely that the brief contact between the honey and stainless steel spoon would be of too big an issue.

Using wooden spoons is regarded healthier. Hence, one shouldn't be unduly worried if they are scooping honey with a spoon made of stainless steel, porcelain, stainless steel, glass, ceramic or even food-grade plastic.

But in case of cheap steel spoons, you better try to be safe. Not all steel cutlery is made of stainless steel. So check your spoons at home! If they do not read stainless steel in the back of their handles, do not use for honey. The same is also valid in the case of cracks in the surface of metal!

How should honey be stored properly?

Honey is best kept in airtight jars, made of glass or quality food-grade plastic in a cool place, away from the sun or direct light. Cold weather and refrigerating can cause honey to become granulated and hard, and hot weather can also cause it to lose flavor and become darker in color over time.

Why does my creamed honey darken and become runny?

Over time, warm climate or environment can cause cream honey to become darker in color and less viscous and runnier. The honey has returned closer to its original liquid state. For creamed honey that is too solid hard, you can run the jar in a warm bath to make it runny again.

Nevertheless, avoid placing honey near the windows and on shelves above the kitchen stove as high temperature can cause honey to lose its flavor. As a general principle, warm to soften, cool to firm.

Crystallization of honey is a natural process and does not affect the quality of honey. You can still eat it. Some floral varietals have a tendency to granulate more quickly than others.

There are 2 good ways for using honey. Frist one is slowly melting in mouth, second one is dissolving in water. Do not forget that honey loses his medical effects on temperature higher that 42°C, so you should not dissolve it hot drinks. Crystallization speed depends of kind. Acacia honey crystalizes very slowly, about 3 years, because of high fructose level, while sunflower honey crystalizes in about 20 days./