Starting a business might be very interesting but keep in mind something - not registered businesses can’t be a real business. So if you have already decided what kind of business you want to own, you have the right brand name for your business, you have in mind a business plan, the very first next step is to register your business to National Registration Centre.

The application for initial registration can be made at the service desks of the NRC in Tirana or in the municipalities.

The initial registration, phases and requirements

Subjects can obtain application forms in two ways: a) by visiting the service windows or b) by downloading them online in the official website. You can reach the application directory by clinking here.

  • Application initial Registration General Partnership Limited Partnership Limited Liability Company and Simple Partnership
  • Application for initial registration Branches or Representative Offices of Foreign Companies
  • Application for initial registration Natural Person
  • Application for initial registration of Joint-Stock Companies
  • Application for initial registration of Saving and Credit
  • Application for initial registration Joint Venture
  • Application for changes in registered data Agricultural Cooperation

Agricultural Cooperation Companies

The mandatory data which should be included in the compulsory acts for the registration of the Agricultural Cooperation Companies are foreseen in Article 8 and 11 of the Law no. 38/2012 “On the companies for agricultural cooperation” as following:


• In the act of incorporation should be included:


  • The identity of the founders and the administrator or administrators
  • The statements for meeting the criteria of becoming a member
  • Name of the company
  • Object of the company
  • Legal seat
  • The capital of the company
  • The percentage of equity owned by each member.

• The Statute should contain the following data:

  • Name
  • Object of activity
  • Legal seat and its address
  • The term of activity if it is foreseen that the company will be established with a limited time
  • Value of subscribed capital
  • Minimum mandatory value for the subscription as a contribution in the capital, as well as the term for obtaining the status as a member
  • Number of parts in which is divided the capital and the respective value based on the contribution of the members
  • The data for the founding members
  • The criteria for accepting the members, conditions and terms for voluntary leaving and expulsion of the members
  • Rights and obligations of the Members
  • Organs of the company, their competencies, functioning and decision-making
  • The identity of the administrator or administrators at the time of drafting the Statute, as well as the terms, leaving and responsibilities of the administrator during the fulfilment of the functions
  • Right of refund of the contribution for the leaving members
  • The data of the certified accountant/s of the Company

Accompanying documents: 

  • Application form for initial registration filled in with the mandatory data according to the Law of the NRC (completed at the service window)
  • Identification document of the administrator of the company
  • Specimen (signature) of the administrator
  • If the application is not carried out by the administrator of the company but from a person authorized from him, the applicant should submit the authorization from the administrator.
  • Identification document of the applicant or the authorized person, Albanian citizen (Electronic-ID- identification document, biometric passport)
  • The Statute and the Act of Incorporation of the company

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