Climate changes pose serious threats to the country’s security and welfare, with agriculture being the worst affected sector of the economy“ Minister of Environment Lefter Koka said during the presentation of the Third National Communication under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, in a three-year long process involving national institutions, climate change experts, environmentalists and civil society organizations as a serious and determined commitment of the Albanian Government to this global challenge.

In his remarks during the presentation, according to ATA agency, Minister of Environment Lefter Koka noted that “Under the management of the Inter-ministerial Group on Climate Change, led by the Ministry of Environment, the National Adaptation Plan has been prepared and the climate changes have now been streamlined in a series of strategic policy documents, in the energy, water, transport, agriculture, forest, biodiversity and urban development sectors.”

Environment Minister highlighted a series of priority measures that have been recommended regarding the reduction of greenhouses gases, the decrease of the demand for energy and the increase of energy supply by contributing to the sustainable development and by enabling Albania to activate resources based on the policy and market mechanisms.

Koka affirmed Albania’s commitment as a serious partner to the global efforts for the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions, being fully confident that the contribution of a developing country such as Albania, with the respective obligations and responsibilities of our country under the United Nations Framework Convention, is very useful to the global challenge.

The United Nations Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Albania Brian Williams said in his remarks that “drafting process of the National Communication in Albania was extremely to integrate and incorporate its findings into strategies and sectorial policies.”/