2016 was the hottest year on record - again

by AgroWeb on January 19, 2017

Last year was officially the Earth's warmest since record-keeping began in the 1880s, the World Meteorological Organization announced Wednesday morning. That means 2016 set a global heat record for the third year in a row according to NOAA and NASA, who held a joint press conference on Wednesday to discuss the record. Climate scientists say greenhouse gas pollution, which humans are creating ...

Climate changes pose serious threat to country’s security and welfare

by AgroWeb on October 21, 2016

Climate changes pose serious threats to the country’s security and welfare, with agriculture being the worst affected sector of the economy“ Minister of Environment Lefter Koka said during the presentation of the Third National Communication under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, in a three-year long process involving national institutions, climate change ...

The Paris Agreement is officially a done deal

by AgroWeb on October 6, 2016

The landmark Paris agreement on climate change will enter into force on November 4, after a coalition of the world's largest polluters and small island nations threatened by rising seas pushed it past a key threshold on Wednesday. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called the agreement's strong international support a "testament for the urgency of action." The deal takes effect 30 days ...


Banks increase lending, despite 2016 losses

by AgroWeb on March 7, 2017

Savings and Credit Associations in Albania have significantly increased crediting in rural areas during 2016, according to Central Bank. Last year, crediting amounted to 5.5 billion Lek or up by 14.3 percent compared to 2015. Deposits in Savings and Credit Associations were up by 30 percent, meeting almost 88 percent of crediting needs. Central Bank says that Savings and Credit Associations are ...

Government to provide more help to small farmers

by AgroWeb on March 6, 2017

Government of Albania will boost its support for the sector of agriculture via subsidies and schemes that will provide direct benefits to farmers. A 16 million USD subsidy scheme will take place this year to provide support to poor and small farmers, which according to Ministry of Agriculture are a priority for the government. Large-scale farmers will be eligible for support via soft loans from ...

Smart Work Pays off at the Biggest Agro Market in Elbasan

by AgroWeb on February 8, 2017

500 new jobs. The biggest market in the area with a Eur 2.2 Million investment value. High European standards. 100 agribusinesses within the market. Aiming an investment of $1,9 Million for implementing 100% energy from solar panel system and a dedicated distribution and collection center for export purposes worth $0.9 Million. Just a simple fact checking! It’s not an electoral campaign ...

Natural & Organic

How to Make Herbal Vinegars

How to Make Herbal Vinegars

by AgroWeb on March 26, 2017

When you think of vinegar you probably think of salads. You probably don’t think of it as having any therapeutic properties, but when herbs are added to naturally-created vinegar like apple cider vinegar, the herbs add big flavor and transfer their potent healing abilities to the vinegar. And, with the wide range of edible herbs, you can enjoy an unlimited assortment of herbal vinegars as ...

How to grow Rosemary At Home

How to grow Rosemary At Home

by AgroWeb on March 26, 2017

Fragrant, delicious rosemary is a wonderful herb to grow on your own, either indoors in a pot or outside in your garden. Rosemary is generally not hard to grow, and once it taken root, this perennial, woody shrub will thrive for years. Read on to learn how to plant, care for, and harvest rosemary. 1.Get a rosemary cutting. Rosemary is easiest to grow from a cutting, rather than planting seeds. Go...

The Supreme Combination of Ginger and Honey

The Supreme Combination of Ginger and Honey

by AgroWeb on March 25, 2017

The health benefits of honey and ginger for treating respiratory problems are unmatched by any other concoction. Furthermore, honey is an excellent medium for transmitting the benefits of herbs such as ginger to the body. Both honey and ginger have their own individual health benefits and the combination of the two provides even more additional bonuses. The health benefits of honey and ginger ...

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How to identify toxic plastic rice

by AgroWeb on November 10, 2016

China remains the world's largest producer of rice. The huge exporting country harvests over 200 million tons per year and a large share of it gets exported all over the world. But cooks and diners alike should take care: not only are untold amounts of pesticides used in Chinese agriculture, but according to a report in The Korea Times rice is also now being manufactured artificially. Potato ...

AGROKOS FAIR, 16th Edition - Power to Agro

by AgroWeb on October 14, 2016

The International fair “AGROKOS 2016” is simply next door. From October 20th until October 22nd, Prishtina becomes the capital of regional food industry. Once the Fair doors open, the organizers CEO and AGROKOS will replicate the success of the last 15 years of serving food businesses to network. The Fair provides an optimal environment for all exhibitors to successfully promote their...

The Encyclopedia of Vitamins

by AgroWeb on October 11, 2016

An explanatory video news presenting all the necessary information about the presence and the power of Vitamins in specific natural products...

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by AgroWeb on August 11, 2016

by AgroWeb on April 10, 2016

TAP and the economic boost to Albania

by AgroWeb on April 4, 2016

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