Smart Work Pays off at the Biggest Agro Market in Elbasan

USAID Country Representative, Dr. Catherine Johnson met with Mr. Petrit Çela, owner Agro-Food market in Elbasan. USAID has assisted Mr. Çela under AgroCapital before and SmartCapital project now, through the assistance of CBS, the project’s implementation organization. Agro-Food Market in Elbasan now employs over 500 people and has met European food safety standards including an ISO 22000 certification. SmartCapital is now helping Cela access financing to support two new investments at his agro market facility--installation of solar panels and an on-site distribution center for exports.

17 Albanian Agribusinesses Awarded International Safety and Quality Certifications

A B2B event was organized by USAID Albanian and Creative Business Solutions, CBS, along with AgBiz Macedonia focussed on 'Facilitating Trade Growth for Certified Agribusinesses' and key participants were the 17 certified agribusinesses and large supermarket chains. In the photo, USAID/Albania Representative, Dr. Catherine Johnson giving the GlobalG.A.P. Certification to Mr. Kostandin Gjata, owner of Treg Tur Korça Company. Photo: AgroWeb

Albania 1937

On October 6th 1937 a group of Italian specialist came in Tirana, for drafting the 5-years plan of the Albanian Agriculture development. In the framework of the strategy was planned also the establishment of the agricultural bank. The group was headed by professor Carrante, appointed by the Royal Government of Albania. Photo Credit /QMKSH Albanian Nationwide Collectors Center

The special products of Fier and Lushnja

Vegetables are the queen produce of the greenhouses and fields in the area. In the first semester 2016, a significant increase of exports has been noticed compared to the same period of 2015. Danish Green Garden or as known in Albanian Kopshti i Gjelbër i Danimarkës, imported from Danmark to Fier, has now 11 ha of greenhouses and 10 ha of planted agriculture fields. Lola Rossa, Lola Bionda and Frilisia are the most interesting varieties of lettuce that this farm cultivates along with baby carrots and baby radishes. Their final destination is equally appealing. Simply Denmark. But besides Denmark, the products of Fier and Lushnja are exported even on other 19 countries, 13 of which are part of EU.

Olive Oil Competition

Musai Olive Oil was awarded with the first price of Albanian extra virgin olive oil for 2016. A focus on maintaining high quality and good knowledge of organic production have ranked Musai Olive Oil as one of the best olive oil producers in Albania. Second place was awarded to Shpresa Shkalla, of Shkalla Oil from Lundër, Tirana, and third place went Rakip Iliazi, of Iljazi Oil from Delvine. The awards were part of the 12th National Olive Oil Day organized by USAID, the Municipality of Tirana, the Albanian Olive Oil Association, and AAC-Lushnja on June 17, 2016. For the 12th consecutive year, Albania is honoring its best olive oil producers.

Albanian medicinal herbs lead the U.S and European market

At the “National Congress of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAP) industry” held in Tirana, USAID organized discussions with industry leaders on growth of Albania’s MAP sector. Marcus Johnson, USAID Country Representative in Albania delivering his speech, noted the growing interest for MAP products collected and cultivated in Albania in the U.S. market. Albanian sage supply 70 percent of the US marker and also the markets of France, Germany and Italy.

Agroturism in Puka

Have you ever thought to go for a weekend or more in Puka? Well in case you haven’t you should consider taking the trip to this northern city in Albania and be stunned by the wild nature, the amazing cuisine and breathtaking views. Past Saturday, AAC - Lushnja in the framework of USAID/Albania's SAVS Program, in cooperation with Puka Municipality, organized a trade fair with the aim to promote these natural, cultural and agro-food resources of Puka region. Companies, producer groups and association from the entire region exposed their products during the fair by extending a warm invitation to anyone wishing to visit this interesting unexplored city.

Minister of Agriculture, Panariti and the Director of SARED project, Henriksen held a visit at the new dairy farm in Barbullush, financed by SARED grants

Minister of Agriculture, Panariti and the Director of SARED project, Henriksen visited a new farm in Shkodra, owned by Fabian Demi, who has invested creating a success model in livestock production and dairy industry. The farm has a capacity of 200 goats and a dairy processing milk investment. The company will process around 183.600 litres of milk, of which 138.600 litres or about 75.5% will be collected from farms in the Shkodra region and 24.5% will be provided by Fabjan’s own farm. Through this investment, the company will produce 4 dairy products.

Farmers smell success in Malësi e Madhe

The herbs and spice sector in Malësi e Madhe are a source of income to thousands of families who collect and harvest wild and cultivated plants, cleaning and storing them. Over 100,000 families are involved in the sector. But one of the key challenges for medicinal and aromatic plants cultivators and processors has been the need for more storage facilities to protect their herbs and spices from contamination which lowers the quality and value of the plants when sold. Through the support of U.S. Military and USAID these farmers will have now a new facility building which will be used to address these concerns by providing a clean, dry area to process and store collected plants.

The ambitious dream of producing wine

International Fair of Agro-mechanization, Tirana

Sowing the seeds of success

With an annual turnover of roughly US $1.5 million, a daily distribution of 20 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables to local markets, and exports to Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, and Lithuania, AgroKoni has become one of the most recognized and largest companies in the country.

Growing lavender – the next big thing in Albania

Harvest Fest in Dibra

The Fair has become a tradition for the city including a promotion presentation of all agricultural products, livestock and agro-processing activities of the region.

5 Colors of Health

The vineyard of Spahi Jahja in Mamurras, one of the biggest in the country

Spahi Jahja left his secure job of trading herbs to embark on a journey of uncertainties: the one of vineyards and wine making his own success story . Annually, he gets 140 tons of grapes, out of which 60 tons are industrial grapes (the ones that are for wine producing) and 80 tons for table grapes intended for consumer use. As Jahja cleverly decided that the next step after the vineyard would be to start construction on a production facility. Yearly his winery produces some 20.000 liters of wine.

Albanian greenhouse sector – a success story

The greenhouse sector is very important for the growth of Albania’s agriculture sector and it is experiencing an annual growth of between 8-12% per year. AgroKoni Company is one of the most recognized and largest companies in the country. The $1 million USD investment for 9,000 m² (approx.. 2 acres) of greenhouses has the capacity to produce 10 million seedlings per year (in two seasons) and provides permanent jobs for 15-20 workers and more than 150 workers during peak seasons. The state-of-the-art greenhouses are all fully computerized with automatic controls of temperature, humidity, fertilizer, and water use. Photo: At the seedling production facility of AgroKoni in Maminas. Photo credits/agroweb

Emergency Situation from high temperatures in Butrint Lake, mussels at risk

High water temperatures in the lake of Butrint, are damaging the cultivated mussels, causing them a thermal stress. The Butrint lagoon water temperature reached 33 degrees Celsius, while the temperature of the waters surrounding the lagoon is almost 30 degrees. Given the expected further increase in temperatures in the upcoming days, the Ministry of Agriculture has order to start immediately the process of relocating of mussels into fresher waters. Meanwhile the lagoon of Butrint is supplied with cool water of Bistrica, to reach normal water temperatures and its sustainable oxygen.

Food Art

"Stop playing with your food!" It's a command most of us can recall being told at least once in our young lives. Carl Warner apparently did not listen. He is the photographer of amazing and totally unique landscapes, beautiful and very tasty. How can a landscape be tasty? What if we told you that this photo has been created by using food products as art material? This is the art of Carl Warner.

Food Art

"Stop playing with your food!" It's a command most of us can recall being told at least once in our young lives. Carl Warner apparently did not listen. He is the photographer of amazing and totally unique landscapes, beautiful and very tasty. How can a landscape be tasty? What if we told you that this photo has been created by using food products as art material? This is the art of Carl Warner.

Food Art

"Stop playing with your food!" It's a command most of us can recall being told at least once in our young lives. Carl Warner apparently did not listen. He is the photographer of amazing and totally unique landscapes, beautiful and very tasty. How can a landscape be tasty? What if we told you that this photo has been created by using food products as art material? This is the art of Carl Warner.

Albania to produce lavender honey

Albania is particularly rich in indigenous species of MAPs. In order to increase income, MAP farmers are finding ways to diversify and add value to their products. Now is the time to see Albania’s lavender in full bloom. USAID is helping lavender growers in Koplik, Malësi i Madhe exploring the possibility of beekeeping to produce lavender honey and organic certification of his herbs and spices. Photo: USAID/Albania

The Albanian flavors at the Expo Milano

On Tuesday, June 2nd at the Albanian Pavilion of Expo Milano 2015, the event "The ancient culture of Albanian shepherds in the kitchen" will take place at the stage of the Bio-Mediterranean Cluster, a perfect example of sustainable union over the centuries between man and nature, an event that will bring at the Expo the Albanian flavors thanks to the kitchen art expressed by Altin Prenga of the Convivium Slow Food Albania Mrizi i Zanave. This occasion will initiate a series of events that the Albanian Pavilion, will offer during the semester of the world exhibition EXPO 2015 in collaboration with various stakeholders.

Eco Fashion, when trash is chic

Who said that trash cannot be chic. It’s not high fashion but definitely it can add some value to a custom made outfit, especially if we are talking about eco fashion. It fuses environmental responsibility, throughout art and creativity. Last weekend in Tirana, the third edition of the Eco Fashion showcased styles made of daily trash we make due to the consumption, with more than 100 outfits created by children, parents and real designers. The messages they all conveyed was to reduce-reuse-recycle-recreate. The girl in the picture has created a dress out of the coffee capsules her parents drink every day.

To Taste the Albanian Olive Oil

Paul Vossen, a leading U.S. expert on olives and olive oil from California, is training the Albanian taste panel to become internationally recognized and therefore able to certify Albanian olive oil on an international stage. Through the U.S. Embassy’s latest project, Mr. Vossen has visited 11 different olive oil processors in Tirana, Durrës, Berat, Fier, Vlorë, and in several southern coastal communities to observe local olive oil production techniques and suggest methods of improving production, quality and taste and promoting the export as well. Photo Credits: U.S. Embassy-Tirana

French newspaper L’Express focuses on Albanian agritourism: Albania, the new pearl of the Balkans

French newspaper L’Express, listed Albania as the third best destination to visit during 2015, while defining it as the new pearl of the Balkans. Beautiful beaches, just like in Greece. Lakes and mountains, just like in Switzerland. Villages which are part of UNESCOS world heritage list. A history which combines 2500 years of roman and byzantine culture, and the lowest prices in Europe; this lists Albania as one of the most favorite destinations, writes L’Express while it invites French visitors, and others, visit Albania . .

USAID and the Albanian Government in support of farmers damaged by floods in Frakull, Fier

Prime Minister Mr. Edi Rama, Minister of Agriculture Mr. Edmond Panariti and USAID/Albania Director Mr. Marcus Johnson on Monday, February 23, 2015 met with local farmers in Frakull, Fier and inspected the strawberry greenhouses destroyed by heavy flooding which affected South-East Albania earlier this month. They said that USAID and the Albanian Government will work closely to help farmers build greenhouses, according to high quality standards, to better withstand severe inclement weather.

Mandarin Fest Xarre 2014

Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Edmond Panariti, harvesting mandarins during one of the activities of the third edition of the Mandarin Fest, organized in the Commune of Xarre, Sarande. Currently Xarre has over 85 thousand trees and citruses in production, 75 thousand of which are mandarins.

Albania in Expo Milano 2015

Albania will participate, among 130 other countries, in the Exhibition Expo Milan 2015. The main theme of this exhibition will be “Feed the Planet, Energy for Life” and it will be held from May 1 until October 31, 2014 in the city of Milan, Italy. The Albanian government has approved a fund of approximately Euro 250,000 in rental payments, for the space that will be used by Albanian representatives participating in this exhibition. Albania will focus its participation to the following subthemes– Science for Food Safety, Security and Quality, Technology for Agriculture and Biodiversity and Innovation in the Agro Food Supply Chain.

Albanian products exposed in the AGROBUSINESS 2014 Fair

The Agrobiznes 2014 Fair, organized by KASH in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, opened today in the Pedonale Area of Tirana. The fair featuring Albanian and regional products will run until September 28, 2014.

Prime Minister Edi Rama and Minister of Agriculture Panariti, giving the national scheme grant contract to qualified farmers

Mr. Kastrijot Çuedari receiving from the Prime Minister the national scheme grant contract. Mr. Çuedari is one of the farmers, who benefited support from AgroCapital project's services, being qualified for a $120,000 grant for a $240,000 investment of a modern oil processing line.