Refering today’s data from Agro-Food Market of Tirana, fruits such as oranges and pomegranates, which are strongly desirable from the consumers these firsts days of spring, are imported from Greece with the prices of 70-90 ALL/kg for oranges and 260 ALL/kg for pomegranates.

On the other hand, Albanian farmers supplies the market with domestic products such as tomatoes for 180 ALL/kg, carrots 60 ALL/kg, pumpkins for 80 lek per kilo and green peppers for 60 ALL/kg. shows that if you want to buy green pepper which is imported from Greece, you have to pay an extra price which varies from 230 to 260 ALL/kg.

Comparing with the previous month, the price of walnuts and dates is highly increase. From 50 ALL/kg that was a month before, Tirana’s dates price is increased to 450 ALL/kg. reports the price of Dibra walnuts is duplicated, from 300 ALL/kg in Febrary to 600 lek per kilo this month. This price incensement is happening because the reserves of these products are ending.

Korça region sells the white beans for the price 170 ALL/kg and red beans for 250 ALL/kg. The main competitor of Albanian beans is Egypt, which exports in Albania the white bean for 220 lek/kg.

Agro-Food market is also furnished by Korça region with apples, with the price from 35 to 90 ALL/kg depending on fruit quality. While potato comes from Korça and Kukësi, with the maximal price of 50 lek/kg, according to market references of

The region of Lushnje-Divjaka is still one of the main supplier of our markets with fruits and vegetables. Apart tomatoes and carrots, Divjaka’s broccoli is sold for 180 ALL/kg, white and red cabbages for 15 and 40 ALL/lek, red beet has a price which varies from 70 to 150 lek per kilo and leeks are sold for 30 ALL/kg.

The other amount of fruits is imported from Greece, which supplies our market with tropical fruits and with other products which compete with our domestic vegetables.

AgroWeb shows that we can find Greece’s peer for 200 ALL/kg, avocado 450 ALL/kg, pineapple 200 ALL/kg, grapefruit 100 ALL/kg, white grape 500 ALL/kg and mango for 450 ALL/kg.

Regarding to vegetables, eggplant comes for 200 ALL/kg, celery for 230 ALL/kg, cucumber 80 lek per kilo and green pepper for the minimal price of 230 lek/kg. 

All the prices mentioned in this article are taken from the agro-food market, so you can do the comparisons with the prices of your neighborhood markets./