Three people were arrested at Murriqan border check point in Shkodër last night after a quantity of peanuts was allowed to get smuggled in Albania. Sources from Shkodër Police Unit report that the officer was arrested for allowing the goods passing without facing any custom control whatsoever. The police arrested also the Customs offcial of Murriqan customs, as well as the owner of the smuggled goods. The amount of goods that passed included 19 sacks of peanuts and other food products that have been illegally authorized to pass without any physical control by the border officials.  

Why peanuts are still omnipresent in media?

Albanian consumer have all the rights to be uncertain about the Albanian customs point’s security. reported last December that Croatia, through its control of food quality authorities, ordered the immediate removal of an unspecified quantity of Chinese peanuts from the market.

Loads of peanuts from China passed to Croatia through Egypt and after detailed examination, the Croatian authorities have found dangerous levels of aflatoxin at the amount of 9.2 micrograms per kilogram. The risk level notified by the Croatian Food Control authorities is alerted as 'Serious'.

But the situation with the trade of peanuts containing the harmful substance aflatoxin in Europe is further exacerbated in early 2017. In February, specifically February 3rd 2017, Italy has blocked a quantity of Chinese peanuts coming from Egypt.

February 6, Italy blocks more Iran peanuts, while Britain blocked huge amounts of Chinese peanuts. On February 8, 2017 the Maltese authorities blocked other amounts of peanuts from China. February 10, Spain blocked 3 containers with harmful peanuts coming from China while Greece, on the same day, has blocked two charges full of harmful peanuts./