Imports of aflatoxins are causing chaos in European countries. The list of foods affected by this toxic substance that can enter these countries is very much diverse especially in their origin. Most of these dangerous foods come from outside the European Union countries, recently unfortunately also from Kosova.

On 8 May 2017, not later than yesterday, the Swiss Federal Food and Veterinary Control Authority (Bundesamt für Lebensmittelsicherheit und Veterinärwesen) after detailed analysis in samples, ordered the immediate withdrawal from the market of several quantities of Yellow Corn Flour originating and imported from Kosova.

The cause of the emergency withdrawal order from the market is confirmed by the analysis, the result of which shows values beyond the allowed rates of aflatoxin mycotoxins at 4.6 micrograms per kilogram. Click here for official statement.

The Swiss authorities assessed this risk to the consumer as SERIOUS after examining some of the cargo samples and detected the presence of aflatoxin in the mycotoxin category in the values: B1 = 4.6 μg / kg - ppb.

Load samples were analyzed on March 7, 2017. Meals of corn flour were distributed to the Swiss market, and only after the results of the analysis, the Federal Food and Veterinary Control Authorities informed all Swiss consumers to return all the quantities to the points of purchase and receive the full value as refund. The statement from the distributor AM FOOD Gmbh states 'In the product from Kosovo, the mold fungus (mycotoxin aflatoxin B1) could be detected above the permissible maximum value. Consumption of the product may pose a health risk. The product was sold in the region North-West Switzerland. Do not use the product. Customers can return the above-mentioned yellow corn at the sales offices and receive the full sales price'.

The Swiss authorities have also officially notified the country of origin and all European Union countries on the problem of corn flour exported from Kosovo.

Kosovo is one of the countries of origin of grain export to Albania and also supplies the country with corn flour for the bread and cereal production industry.

The Food Inspection Authority of Albania has been officially announced by the European Food Safety Advisory Network, but there is still no official feedback regarding possible measures or controls in Albanian markets./