The Slovakian official authorities have alerted all the European Union member countries that after detailed tests and analyses they have blocked access to cargoes of apples originating from Serbia. The tests showed high values readings of dangerous pesticide residues.

On May 4th 2017, Slovakian border control officials denied entry and distribution to Serb apple cargoes due to presence of ClorPyrifos, which was present at values of 0,086 miligrams for a kilogram. Click for official notice.

Slovakia has rejected market entry to apples originating from Serbia and through the European Commission Rapid Alert System, automatically alerted the Eurozone countries to keep high vigilance towards Serbia apple cargoes. The risk alert status is listed ‘Serious’. In a rare move, the Slovakian Food Control Authority not only blocked the Serbian apple consignment, but ordered the complete destruction of the whole quantity.

Following such news, AgroWeb contacted the Albanian apple consolidators and exporters for feedback. The information obtained shows no sign of relenting the export of Albanian apples towards foreign markets. On the contrary, the exports of Albanian apples are on a grow and all the border checks demonstrate the high quality of Albanian produce.
Recently, has reported that even the Czech Republic raised the alarm for a considerable quantity of apples from Poland. Based on official sources reported by, the Czech authorities notified the rest of Europe that the apples sampling analyses resulted seriously affected with the very strong pesticide named chlorpyrifos (0.076 mg/kg - ppm).
The apples had penetrated in both Czech Republic and Slovakia markets, therefore the respective food control authorities are searching the market to withdraw the Polish apples, which are dangerous because of the high amount of pesticide residue. The Polish apples high in pesticides have been distributed even to other European countries markets and controls are being performed on a large scale to safeguard the consumers’ health. The Czech alarm was rated as ‘serious’ prompting attention from all the European Union countries.
Chlorpyrifos is toxic to humans, and exposure has been linked to neurological effects, persistent developmental disorders and autoimmune disorders. Based on research from, exposure during pregnancy retards the mental development of children, who are more susceptible than adults to effects from low dose exposure./