A 26-tonne chicken load from Brazil, which has resulted in Salmonella's content, has also arrived in Albania.

This news comes after the release of some articles by AgroWeb.org about the meat risk from Brazil and its blockage in several European countries, where it also talked about a real risk to the Albanian consumer.

Today the Albanian Food Control Authority AKU announces that it has recently blocked this amount of salmonella chicken breast meat coming from Brazil at the Durrës customs point. The chicken meat cargo, after being analyzed by ISUV, the Health and Food Institute of Albania, has resulted affected by the Salmonella SPP virus.

For this reason, the load will not be allowed to be unloaded and it will be returned by the importing company or will be destroyed in accordance to the Albanian legislation.

According to AKU's sources, this discovery is positive news for the consumer, since the discovery is not casual since the AKU has taken all the measures that no cargo of meat from Brazil, chicken or other kind is allowed to enter our country without passing all the health checks. '

But this blockage comes after the alarm raised by AgroWeb.org that echoed the media. There is still no definitive and convincing record of what has entered Albania before the Brazilian food scam scandal got the media attention and scrutiny./AgroWeb.org