My balcony is in full bloom. Tomatoes and cucumbers have grown as high as casting a shadow over us. The fruits are showing off, almost ripe and fully covered. Cucumbers almost look like grapes. You should see them. Currently I am enjoying strawberries. Each day I take eight or ten of them (usually more, but these two weeks have not been sufficiently sunny).

But I have made a mistake that I decided to fix as soon as possible, although fruits are already ripped. I already told you, strawberries plants in pots can get through the winter with a minimal amount of preparation.

All I did in March is to fill the pots with organic soil. Apparently this was not enough.

Strawberries have produced a fair amount of fruit but unlike in the past they are smaller in size. It seems as if the soil is not sufficient to feed the plants. This is only fair because the plants have been in the pots for many years. So I decided to take a risk in the hope of a favorable outcome. It is usually advised to not apply any changes in the pot when the plant has produced, but the way these plants looked forced me to be courageous and move them.

 Strawberries and cucumbers planted in Rezarta's balcony

I was cautious when i removed the roots from the pot. I applied the same criterion in cleaning the roots from the old soil, used ash and mixed it up with new soil. Then i put the strawberries back to the pot. It has been three days and I think that I have succeeded. None of the plants have dried out and fruits are growing in size. I also found a new method for climbing string beans. I put three plants in a pot. I used a stick, tied it to a string attached to the window. The green beans have sprawled beautifully.

 You can plant beans and even pumpkins in pots

My balcony can have a pergola of green beans. Seriously I am enjoying my balcony blooming in May. Pepper plans have started producing as well. Only one of the plants is not performing well due to little flies in its foliage. I did not want to buy any medicine, so I opted for a far more health alternative. I used a sprinkler bottle but you can also use the same one you use on glass. I mixed water and soap and sprinkled on the foliage. I did only once because the rain can wash the leaves off.

However as soon as the weather gets warmer I will do it again and hope it will work. You should know that I am done with the green salad. I am left with the last two bundles.

Remember those two small pots that I told you about? I will not use them for vegetable, because I purchased bonsai seeds online and I will try them out. I hope everything goes well because I really like this small decorative tree./


*Rezarta Delisula is Deputy Editor-in-Chief at Gazeta Shqiptare working as a journalist since 1998. With 17 years of professional experience, her stories mainly focus on social concerns and environmental issues. Rezarta is also an organic products avid and gardening passionate, largely interested in green lifestyle. She is a contributing writer at